Akashic Records are and can be imagined as “The Book of Life” or “Universal Computer System.”  Imagine a massive library with record of every universal and personal word, encounter, feeling, experience, moment, intention and thought ot have ever existed.  This memory bank has been recorded in both mythical text and religious document.  Edward Cayce wrote about the Record’s during a state of clairvoyant stream of consciousness writings.  All beings have and can access these records if desires.  My gifts is what makes my readings different from others – not only can I use the readings and their messages for channeled custom arts, but energies, visuals, signs sent through me - the channel, to you can help you navigate life from where you are at.  The information you receive can be used to set new intentions of growth, unblock current resistance, learn more about oneself, view into past lives, access past experiences and trauma.