Constantly learning – forever continuing my insatiable exploration of truth and knowledge.  Best at being a student and learning, both acquiring knowledge about passionate subjects and sharing it with those interested inspires joy.  It only made sense that I dedicate my life to finding ways to share these gifts and fulfill the grand dreams I envision with service.  I made this choice as I wanted to lead a more fulfilling life sharing my gifts with others, utilizing art therapy and Spirit creating a unique style by following intuition, incorporating channeling, guiding and creation. After curating an individualized style of design as well as intuitive-processing, I linked up with my BFF and co-created The Threads of Fate - an indie oracle deck where we raised over $72K via Kickstarter to launch our vision in April 2018, achieving organic growth and audiences ever since.


I once worked in NYC for a fashion label but always felt a bit out of place, bored and spent most of my time curating personal projects and floating off into the ethers - I grew tired of worrying about “things” and began to focus entirely on what I could grow.  What I learned was that I desired to serve others and make shit/happen.   Fast forward a few years, cities, jobs and you’ll find me here, in West Hollywood – making things the best way I know how and sharing them with you.  Other than that you’ll find me splitting my time curating queer-cannabis events in LA, NY and SF, amplilfying the voices of marginalized communities within the industry, and business development within the cannabis community.