I created this offering to not only serve my purpose, but to serve you during your journey. This space and my services are for all the dreamers, the believers, the strugglers, the learners, the teachers, the changers, the ones willing to open themselves to trust and be guided.


I’m constantly learning – forever continuing my insatiable exploration of truth and knowledge.  I’m best at being a student and learning, both acquiring knowledge about passionate subjects and sharing it with those interested brings me joy.  It only made sense that I dedicate my life to finding ways to share these gifts and fulfill the grand dreams I envision with service.  I made this choice as I wanted to lead a more fulfilling life sharing my gifts with others, utilizing art therapy and Spirit creating my own style as well as following intuition, incorporation channeling, guiding and creation.


I once worked in NYC for a fashion label but always felt a bit out of place, bored and spent most of my time making stuff and floating off into the ethers.  I grew tired of worrying about “things” that brought zero value to life.  What I learned was that I desired to serve others and make shit/happen.   Fast forward a few years, cities, jobs and you’ll find me here, in Seattle – making things the best way I know how and sharing them with you.  Other than that you’ll find me splitting my time in my den, researching and constructing personal rituals, pursuing nature, and skateboarding with my beloved dog Pony.