Reiki can be defined as the guiding and moving of energy through a practitioner to a receiver.  The stagnant energy is purged from the receiver is cleansed by Source where it recharges, only to be sent back down through the practitioner.  A visual interpretation of Reiki would consist of a circuit system.   With my particular Reiki practice, I first and foremost cleans and charge the room before my clients arrive.  This helps set the tone for the session as well as clear any entities or energies that might potentially be lingering.  I also do this within a distance Reiki session, I treat my space as yours in order to tune in and create peace within whatever you environment you might be in during our session.  Right before the session I also have my clients write down a list of as many intentions as they would like to invite in, build strength around, and pursue.  I also often times pull Tarot cards for those looking for more insight about themselves and their current encounters.  During my session there is a heavy use of herbs, essential oils, incense and crystals in order to enhance invocations.  Often times during these sessions I receive symbols, sounds, images, thoughts and feelings that might be associated with the receiver.  I always ask if recipients are open to hearing these, as it is up to them to interpret how it connects internally.