The Threads of Fate Oracle deck started as a small fantasy between BFF Blaire Porter and I a few years ago. For many years we have been dedicated to showing up for ourselves and one another to allow for deep transformation and healing.

At the core of our beliefs is the idea that we must be able to be transparent and honest about who we are - including our shadow. When we do this work, we talk candidly about ourselves and others because we do not believe there is anything "bad" about our perceived shortcomings! We love naming all the things because that allows for things to shift - which is why this oracle deck has been such a huge passion project - it gives name to things that may be lurking in the undercurrent. If we remain courageous and show up for this, it allows for deep transformation. 

Why is this deck different?
We do not consider this deck as simply an oracle deck. While we trust that you will pull the cards that you need at any given moment, our intention is that after you pull a card, you feel armed to make real changes and integrate the messages from spirit + your own knowing.

We have built this deck so it can be used daily. It's created for you to find detailed messages within both the imagery and content.

We want to challenge the user to visually and conceptually broaden their tools of engagement. 

Each card contains thoughtful multi-layered messages that allow you to view many facets of the same concept. Our elemental cards (32) will contain an overall message, as well as a message associated with an herb, crystal and animal ally. Our throne cards (23) are larger concepts and archetypes - while these won't have the same structure as the elementals, they will also be dynamic in the content. In addition to that, we include practical advice, exercises and journaling prompts. 

Brit intuitively illustrated the art work for the cards and then Blaire turned them into digital artwork by layering it with natural scenes in photoshop.